words: by onemoreoption

I’m probably not someone you’ll want around . . .

if you are inconsiderate of the people around you

if you don’t plan to make time for the people close to you

if you think sexuality is a base, negative, or secondary concern of life

if you hypocritically portray yourself as one thing to the world and live as something opposite in your personal life

if you don’t take reasonable steps to safeguard the people around you

if you are addicted to unnecessary and harmful drugs and don’t make it a priority to attempt to ween yourself off of them

if you are mostly idle when you could be helping others

if you don’t take on the problems facing yourself and those around you because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings

if you consistently don’t do what you say you are going to do

if you don’t intend to use better means to do more good

if you take without giving back in like kind

if you don’t believe in or try to better your world

if you belittle or discourage the good work and intentions of others

then I’m probably not someone you’ll want around.



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