words: by Paulo Coelho

from “Veronika Decides to Die”:

Then, once more, a deep peace flooded through her and Veronika again looked out at the starry sky and at the new moon, her favorite, filling the room she was in with gentle light.  The impression returned of Infinity and Eternity walking hand in hand; you only had to look for one of them– for example, the limitless universe– to feel the presence of the other, Time that never ends, that never passes, that remains in the Present, where all of life’s secrets lie.  As she had been walking from the ward to that room, she had felt such pure hatred that now she had no more rancor left in her heart.  She had finally allowed her negative feelings to surface, feelings that had been repressed for years in her soul.  She had actually felt them, and they were no longer necessary, they could leave.


She sat on in silence, enjoying the present moment, letting love fill up the empty space left behind by hatred.  When she felt the moment had come, she turned to the moon and played a sonata in homage to it, knowing that the moon was listening and would feel proud, and that this would provoke jealousy of the stars.  Then she played music for the stars, the garden, for the mountains that she could not see in the darkness but which she knew were there.




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